Letters of Demand

Letters of demand are charged out as follows:-

Non-regular clients who are instructing us for the first time are charged $200.00 for their first matter and $100.00 for any further matters. Follow-up demands on a matter are charged at the rate of $50.00 each.

Regular clients are charged a negotiated fee (starting at $75.00 per initial demand), which will vary down according to their volume. Follow-up demands are charged at the rate of $ 20.00 each.

These are “all inclusive” fees which includes preparation of the demand and any subsequent telephone calls/correspondence regarding the matter up to the point where the matter is either finalised or alternatively, referred to legal. This is the only charge pre-legal, except for searches which may be requested or necessary. There are no commissions with respect to any monies recovered, at this or any other point.

Legal proceedings


If we are instructed to issue legal proceedings (whether subsequent to or in lieu of a demand), these are charged out in accordance with the relevant Court Scale.

Summaries of these cost scales are set out in the Legal Costs (SA) booklet (linked below).


If any matter becomes defended, we will advise you separately of costs to be charged to you.

Legal Costs (SA)