About Us

Marshalls is a specialist debt collection legal practice. As a specialist practice, Marshalls is able to channel all of its focus and resources into the field of debt collection.

On 1 October 2021 Marshalls joined with Scott Lawyers, to create by far the largest specialist legal debt recovery practice in South Australia. We also have an extensive network of agents throughout all States and Territories in Australia.

Our team is staffed with practitioners whose sole field of practice is debt recovery. Our service is designed to complement your collections policy and acts as an extension of your credit control procedures.

Marshalls understands that what you want is results, meaning debts collected and returned to your cash flow. Our approach is proactive and commercial. We believe that taking positive action is the only way to recover moneys quickly. This is our reputation. We make the best use possible of the Court systems of debt recovery. The range of actions we handle extends from the issue of originating processes through to various enforcement proceedings including bankruptcy and winding up proceedings.

When you refer debts to us, we assume full conduct of all collection action, subject to your instructions, including:

  • Issue of Letters of Demand
  • Follow up telephone calls with clients
  • Issue of Court Proceedings
  • Status and trace inquiries
  • Completion of proofs of debt in bankruptcies and liquidations

Our procedures are tailored to your needs. Reports can be sent to you at each stage of the proceedings or, alternatively, reporting can be kept at a minimum depending on your choice.